Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good News/Bad News


We have been soooo very blessed with love and support from our family and friends. It is scary when stepping out on a limb - what will others think? will they think we are crazy? will they support us? We have been overwhelmed by the love and support we have received!!

Dear friends of ours own a small fitness center. They are donating all the money collected from the sale of water until the end of June toward our adoption! 

 Their daughter Gracie has started an "Adoption Fund" jar...and filled it with her own money!

Wonderful comments left by friends and family including our 9 year old niece:
"Aunt sandy I am glad you are doing this I am glad you have such a great heart God must be very proud of you I'm glad you are taking on this challenge love Morgan"

And friends who emailed to share:
"Today in our little 3/4 grade SS class that we teach, we prayed for
and shared the need for this little guy.  The kids wanted to donate
too so we suggested they pray over it and talk to their parents.  We
discussed with them how God is able to multiply even the small amounts
we offer to Him and how He is never limited by anything.  So we will
pass this on to their parents.  How cool!"

Another friend who has offered to host a fund raiser garage sale for us (If you are local it will be early September - they get lots of school traffic by their subdivision. We will let you know the date asap in case you are interested in donating items to sell). And her daughter is looking into doing a bake sale at her school to raise money for our adoption.

The list goes on...but I wanted to share a few examples - 'cause they are just too awesome to keep to myself!


In signing the Great Wall of China contract and reading the fine print - our travel expenses were not included in the $26K total adoption cost figure. We are now looking at a total cost of closer to $36K.

But we know our God is GREATER than any adoption cost. And if this child is supposed to be our son then God will help us work to that end!

Blessings, Sandy


  1. Sandy.. I k ow GWCA has varis service plans.. Be sure to lOok at the cheapest option!! You can do all the extras yourself!! God will provide!! Start a chip in on your blog so ppl can donate cash directly though!!!