Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Great Paper Chase!

"They" are not kidding when they call international adoption The Great Paper Chase! Oh-my-goodness this journey is not for the faint of heart! I started out the week VERY overwhelmed and quite confused about all that is required of us for our new home study and the dossier. Thankfully my sister and a friend offered to pray for us and pray specifically for peace.

On Monday a friend who had offered to host a crafting/scrapbooking day fundraiser for us called to say she had a date AND location! I can't believe that someone would go to such effort for our family. Her family is donating lunch, dinner, and prizes - so all the proceeds will go directly to our adoption. I can't wait to spend the day crafting/scrapbooking - and feel sooo blessed that others will join me and donate to our adoption. How lucky am I?!

On Wednesday we met with our new social worker. She is wonderful and did lots of explaining. After she left I spent time organizing and creating files for our different documents etc. I felt such a sense of peace - I could just feel God's arms wrapped around me telling me that He would give us strength and peace for this journey.

On Wednesday we received our Pre-Approval to adopt this sweet little one!! It is so neat to see the document - the top portion is in Chinese and the bottom is translated in English.

On Thursday, a friend who I haven't spoken to for a while, offered to bring a flyer about our adoption to her office and said her husband would post one at his work too. God is just sending us unexpected blessings!

Over the last few weeks I have received emails from fellow adoptive moms offering support and advice. It has meant soooo much to me. When I started this blog (and our China journey for that matter) I guess it is only human to want to be loved and supported and not have everyone think you are crazy (even if we are!). These emails (and your phone call Christy!) have been such a blessing! The love and support we feel have definitely been a gift from God!

Blessings, Sandy

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