Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Short Version

 Our six blessings

 Reading a blog we learned about this sweet boy.
He is three years old.

 Look at those feet!
 He has been living in an orphanage in China since he was a month old.

Look at that sweet face. 
His lips and fingers are starting to turn blue. He is in desperate need of heart surgery and will die without it. 

We are stepping out in faith to bring him home and get him the surgery he needs.


  1. Aunt sandy I am glad you are doing this I am glad you have such a great heart God must be very proud of you I'm glad you are taking on this challenge love Morgan

  2. How can I help? Could you please let me know on a comment on my blog?

  3. Love this little cutie!! So happy you are his momma!!!