Saturday, June 23, 2012

an update, only God, and a beautiful post!

Our first packet has been sent to Great Wall! We are waiting for our home study to be written up - it is currently in "rough draft" form. We have our I-800A filled out...just waiting for that home study to be finished/signed. Sending in our I-800A is the first BIG step and will hopefully give us a better idea how soon Darren will be home :)

God is AWESOME! Not only is he using this adoption to give a child/Darren a family AND our family a child/Darren, but He is using it to "mend broken fences". Only God huh? Friends we hadn't spoken to in over a year are now *actively* fundraising for us! They are spreading the word about Darren and his need for heart surgery and his need for a family at BOTH their places of work! CrAzY huh?! Only God!

A friend at our home school co-op wrote a beautiful post about our family and Darren. 
I am not a crier...never have been...(my mom is not either so maybe it is genetic?)...but reading that most wonderful post AND yet MORE support from friends in this adoption journey is enough to bring tears to even my normally dry eyes. Thank you Lydia and your blog readers for the love and support you have shown our family this week!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. I am a crier ;) Your posts bring tears to my eyes. Your faith is inspiring :)