Saturday, June 30, 2012

His Name

We have had an increasingly difficult time coming up with names for our last three children. I have been very stuck on the name Bryan Christopher (the name of our Nov./Dec. 2011 baby). We are very close with my folks. We decided to honor them by having them name our new child. They came up with the name Darren Christopher (Christopher being a family name). A few days later we (my folks, Erik and I) all agreed it just didn't feel right to completely eliminate his Chinese name. We are still uncertain whether we will name him Darren Chen Kreps or Darren Xiangzi Kreps or Darren Chenxiangzi Kreps...but we do know his first name will be Darren and his last name Kreps...that is a start right?!

 My parents have a friend who is a professor at the University of Michigan. He is an expert on Chinese culture. Although Darren is clearly not a Chinese name - he has helped us figure out the meaning of Darren in Chinese as well as how to write it in Chinese characters.

The following is from an email from this friend:

"I'm not sure about Darren in the Chinese context. It's close to a Chinese word Daren ("da" and "ren"), which is mostly but not entirely good.
It could be "big man" - 大人 -which is perhaps a little unsophisticated. 
or wise man with a different second character - 达人, which is a great name, I think
or hit a person, with a different first character - 打人, which is not so great.
 or bumper year, 大稔, which is also good.

 "大仁” --- "great benevolence" would be a really good Chinese name 
(Da 2nd tone, which sounds like a question, and Ren  - also 2nd tone, so pronounced something like Da? Run?)."

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. All of our kids have four names... the first two we chose, the 2nd middle name is part of their birth name, and then our last name. Maybe that's an option?