Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finger Prints!

Yesterday we got FINGER PRINTED!! WOO HOO! One step closer to China and one step closer to bringing Darren home :)

On July 19 when Erik got home from work there was a notice in the mail from USCIS that we had been given a finger print appointment. Luckily he didn't realize what the document was and just scanned and emailed it to me on Friday. Had I known - I would have been soooo torn on what to do - since getting to Detroit (4 1/2 hours away) and hosting our bake sale on Friday would have been nearly impossible to do. Our agency spoke with a supervisor at USCIS who said we should walk in to get finger printed asap...and not wait for our August 8 appointment. Yesterday Erik and I got up bright and early and headed from our vacation wonderland...to Detroit. The only bummer (besides the distance) was that we had to drive separately - as I was heading back to the kids (and vacation) and he was heading back to work for the week. Thankfully a friend had suggested we bring along the letters from the doctors requesting a medical expedite for Darren. When we checked in with the receptionist she asked why we were early and not keeping our August 8 appointment. I showed her the expedite letter, flashed her a picture of Darren, and explained he needed life saving heart surgery. After checking with someone in the back she said they would do the fingerprints...but only after all scheduled appointments. But then we were called back almost immediately and were done less than five minutes later. GOD IS GOOD! Boy - o - boy...did we feel relieved that my NINE HOUR round trip wasn't for nothing! I quickly emailed our agency, who then spoke with the USCIS supervisor...he says as long as the finger prints are clear he will issue our notice of approval today (Tuesday!!). 

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Wow! I have been following your blog and praying for this adoption. God is good!! This journey reminds me so much of our international adoptions. Yes, the paperwork is endless!! We are on a journey of our own!! We have completed paperwork to have a sibling group of three little boys moved from Florida to us (ICPC???). The paperwork has been sent to Lansing, so we are praying it is forwarded to HATW quickly. God has a plan and purpose for Darren and you responded in faith to the call!!! God bless!