Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I can't believe I forgot to mention....that last week...July 5th we picked up our signed home study!! Which means we sent in our I800A to the USCIS!! WOO HOO!! This is first BIG step to bringing Darren home!! Hang on sweetie - mommy and daddy are working hard to get you home! The I800A is paperwork to the US government - department of  citizenship and immigration specifically. They have 90 days to process our application. Because Darren needs surgery asap - we enclosed TWO doctor's letters saying he needs to be expedited home. The USCIS can choose whether they listen to the letters...or not. Our agency will also contact the USCIS after 12 days on our behalf....not sure if that is 12 business days or 12 days - but they will try and expedite things along for us too :) I know that Darren is in God's hands AND the time line of all the paper processing (this is really just the beginning!) is in God's hands so I am trying to remain calm and patient (easier some days than others!).

Another picture of Darren from the update...I can almost see a smile starting :)

What a cutie - although the pink shirt in the background almost looks like a hat :O

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Congratulations Sandy!!! I am so excited for you and his pictures are reminding me of our Isaac's pictures from Korea...so sweet!