Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shirts for Darren

Big sister Madeline (13) and I walked by this shirt at Meijer. We just *had* to buy it for Darren. Although the size might not be right (4T) or the style (it is short sleeved) was only $5 and it just seemed right for our first clothing purchase for Darren :)

We purchased matching shirts at Old Navy for our summer 2012 family picture - because who doesn't just LOVE that matching look?! I was pretty excited actually that we could find reasonably priced shirts (note $5 each!) that would have our wide variety of sizes.

A red shirt for Darren too!

 My mom suggested heading back to Old Navy and purchasing a red shirt for Darren. As we get closer to meeting Darren our agency will have us put together a small album for Darren. I intend to include some of our summer family photos - with our matching red shirts. On "Gotcha Day" Madeline and I plan to wear our red shirts. My mom has even suggested the idea that when the rest of the family meets us at the airport we could all (Darren included) be wearing our red shirts. Darren's wardrobe is growing!

blessings, Sandy

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