Saturday, July 7, 2012

This week

Big sister Rhiana drawing a picture of Darren.

This week in the mail I got a book/cd called Simple Chinese for Adoptive Families. It seems like it will be very helpful. The kids and I have started trying to learn a few phrases. So far we have learned "It's okay" and "I love you". The phrase that got me laughing (and reminded me of when we adopted Cierrah at almost 4 years old) was "Please don't potty in your pants". We will have to add that to our list to learn :)

Our dear friends the Whitakers once again have blessed us. They had a bake sale for us at their exercise studio. When Lori first heard about Darren and our journey to China she wasn't sure how they could help. God has totally blown us (both families) away with how much they were able to raise for us - we stepped out in faith - they stepped out in faith - and God, through the wonderful kindness of others, took care of the rest ($700!!).

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Simple Chinese for Adoptive Families???!! MUST have that!! Thanks for the recommendation!! Can't wait to see that precious boy in your arms!!