Saturday, July 28, 2012

What a WEEK!

  The HAPPY HAPPY ending to a CrAzY week!

  • Monday - The crazy NINE hour round trip drive to get fingerprinted!
  • Tuesday - Our agency got an email that the USCIS approved us to adopt Darren! 
  • Wednesday - Trying to figure out what to do...have Erik come home over lunch tomorrow to see if the documents arrives? Have Erik stay home Friday (not head up north) for the document? Will it not come until Saturday? If so - should Erik gp home early on Monday to deal with the document before heading back to work on Tuesday? Will it even come by Monday?
  • Thursday - We were *hoping* the I797 USCIS approval paper would be in the mail. Erik even drove a 1/2 hour home on his lunch hour to check the mail wasn't there. Erik was planning on heading north to join us for a long weekend (on vacation)...but decided to stay home to check the Friday mail (it comes between noon and 1pm). Late that evening I learned from another China adoptive mom that a PDF version of the approval will do - ARRGG! I wish we would have known that on Tuesday!
  • Friday - Contact our agency...they contact USCIS for a PDF takes our agency supervisor contacting a USCIS supervisor to get one. Call Erik just as he is walking to his car - he heads back to the office to print the PDF and get it notarized. (He stops by our house on the way out of town...the original did come - that I will take with me to China - we only needed a copy of it for our dossier). Erik stops at the SOS office to get the I797 approval, my medical form, and our home study certified (all our other documents have already been certified). He puts those documents along with ALL our other dossier documents in a Fed Ex envelope. Erik overnights it to our agency. We breathe a HUGE sign of RELIEF and PRAISE God that we made it through this stressful week!!
Our agency now has to get all our dossier documents authenticated at the Houston Chinese Consulate. A courier takes the documents there and back. I also found out this week that our agency *only* sends dossiers to China on Fridays. Our agency worker thinks our documents should be ready to send to China this coming Friday (August 3) WOO HOO! Our documents are headed to our agency, then to the courier, then to  the consulate, then back to the courier, and back to our agency before heading to China. I am crossing my fingers - but know it is ALL in God's hands. 

Blessings, Sandy

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