Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thirty One Gifts Party

A newer friend has graciously offered to host a Thirty One Gifts Party as a fundraiser for our adoption. 
Having never met us she brought us a meal after Bryan was born (we were new to the area and new to a mutual home schooling group). I feel a special connection to those who walked through that difficult time in our lives with us. (Bryan's birth mom changed her mind after 29 days and we had to bring him back with less than 24 hour notice). And now she is offering to fund raise for our China adoption - I don't deserve such wonderful friends!

These are very fun, stylish and practical products to help you organize your life and look good while you're doing it!  You can join us on Saturday, August 11th at 7 pm.  
Address:  11009 Tillson Drive, South Lyon, MI 
OR if you can't attend you can shop online and the proceeds will still go to our fund.  Go to  Click on "My Parties",  find Joy Convis and shop!
Blessings, Sandy

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