Thursday, August 23, 2012

We have a LID!!!

WOO HOO!! We are doing The Happy Dance!!  We found out today that 
August 15, 2012 is our Log In Date. Our dossier has made it to China and has been Logged In!!! 

And now the WAIT begins....we are now waiting for China to approve our adoption. They will translate and review our dossier (documents) and once we are approved they will issue a LOA (Letter of Acceptance). Then we obtain our I-800 approval (US Immigration), then apply for Darren's visa (US then China), then obtain our Article 5 approval (US Embassy in Guangzhou), then receive our travel approval (China)....and THEN travel!

The wait for the LOA can take months. We have requested that China expedite so we can get Darren home asap for his life saving heart surgery. It appears that China has not been expediting many cases lately. About the best we can hope for is LOA at around 60 days...but recently we have heard of a number of families who have waited over 100 days. 

Please PRAY that Darren's heart can wait for his surgery. God already knows the day we will receive our LOA - we take comfort in knowing it is ALL in His hands!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Yay!! BIG GIANT step!! Praying for the expedite! They expedited Joshua's and we had it in 6 business days so buckle up! This might go faster than you think!