Saturday, September 1, 2012


 (A gift from my "secret pal")

Isn't it wonderful?! We now have it back in it's frame (the glass had broken in shipping) and hanging on the wall in the boy's room. Seeing Darren's name in print makes it seem so much more real :)

Years ago when I gave birth to both Alex and Rhiana I was a part of yahoogroups for other pregnant moms due in July 2002 and August 2004. After we adopted Jason, I joined a yahoogroup for adoptive families who had adopted "transracially". I found it helpful to learn from other moms. It was wonderful to have a place to share with others in similar circumstances - we all had ultrasounds around the same time, we were all learning to take care of curly hair etc.

I am not even sure we had a computer when I became a mom sixteen years ago. I learned a bit about email and the internet when Madeline was a baby/toddler ~ 12 years ago. Since that time I have found "community" online through these yahoogroups. Talking over the fence (we don't even have a fence!) doesn't happen so much anymore - but "talking" over the computer does :)

Now facebook groups are where people connect. I am a part of a facebook group for people (99% women) who are adopting from China. The group is called "DTC Spring/Summer". I heard about it from a new friend at church who is also adopting a "heart baby" from China. It has been a wonderful place to learn tips, vent, share, join a "secret pal" exchange, join fabric squares exchanges for making a Chinese 100 Good Wishes Quilt, a place to find community. There are other families who were DTC the same day we were and also have a similar LID. We may even get to meet up in China!

God has provided wonderful support through friends and family - and now the DTC Spring/Summer Group.

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Incredible isn't it?!! Love your post! I can't imagine having adopted back in the day when not many other people were and you didn't have the access to support networks that we all do now. Those people that did it back then are rock stars in my book. Can't wait to see that sweet boy in your arms!!