Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OOR (Out Of Review)!

We are now in the "Matching Room". 
This is step THREE of three in the China approval process :)
From what I understand the matching room is where you are matched with a child. Since we already have PA (pre-approval) to adopt Darren - it is the place our paperwork will join up with Darren's paperwork.

(China has a holiday...which closes down the government agency that processes adoptions...it is 9/30-10/7. Will you join us in praying that our LOA (approval) is done before the holiday? If we are approved before the shut down there is a chance we travel this year...if not - most likely we won't travel until early next year.)
In other EXCITING NEWS...we were able to request another update on Darren. We received photos AND answers to our EIGHTEEN questions :)

Our FIRST smile!!
We LOVE it - and can't wait to see many, many more :)

 Fresh haircut :)

I can just imagine him thinking...quick take that photo - so I can go down this slide!

When we were told we could get an update - I wanted it now :) So we fairly quickly wrote up a list of questions. I wondered if they would even answer ALL the questions - as we had SO many! Had we taken a week to write up questions we may have had different questions - but we didn't and these are what we asked.

We received an update before we committed to adopt Darren. I found it very interesting this time - what we wanted to know/ the type of questions we asked. I definitely felt that I was asking questions as a person who was becoming this child's mom - not as a person possibly interested in adopting this child. 

  1. Please provide current measurements.
Height: 92.5 cm   Weight: 13.8 kg   Head size: 49.5 cm    Chest size: 52 cm    Foot length: 14
  1. Please provide updated pictures.
His photos are attached.
  1. Please provide an update on his health: Can you tell in daily life activities that he has CHD?
His general health is good. You can’t tell in daily life activities that he has CHD.
  1. Is he active like other children? Can he run around and play? Does his CHD cause him to not participate in activities? Is his CHD causing his lips, fingers, or toes to turn blue in color?
Yes, he is active like other children. He can run around and play, but he can’t participate in heavy activities. His lips, fingers and toes have always been blue.
  1. Does his CHD cause him to tire easily? Will he need a stroller to ride in?
He doesn’t seem tired when he participates in common activities. However, he is easy to get tired when he runs or jumps. He doesn’t need a stroller to ride in.
  1. What are his favorite foods? Favorite drink?
He likes meat most and his favorite drink is milk.
  1. What are his favorite toys?
He most likes model cars and robot toys.
  1. What are his favorite activities?
He likes outdoor activities most.
  1. What is his favorite color?
He likes green.
  1. Is he dry throughout the night? Or does he wet his bed?
Yes, he is dry during the night. He doesn’t wet his bed.
  1. What is his personality like? Is he serious? Silly? Mischievous? Well behaved? Happy? Sad?
He is lovely, outgoing and happy.
  1. Does he go to school? Is he an average student? Above average? Require extra help?
He attends the preschool at the orphanage. He is an average student, but doesn’t require extra help. He is a very curious child and enjoys exploring the environment around him.
  1. Does he want a family?
  1. What name or nickname is he most often called?
He does not have a nickname - he called by his first name.
  1. Does he get along with other children?
  1. Does he have a favorite nanny?
Yes. (I now wish we would have asked her name)
  1. Does he have any close friends? If so, how many?
Yes, he has three good friends. (And they listed their names!)
  1. Does he sleep through the night?
He sleeps well and seldom wakes up during the night.

We were VERY excited to read the answers - it sounds like Darren is doing well! It was good to read that he has a favorite nanny and hopefully has made some attachment to her. I know the question "Does he want a family?" is kind of strange to ask a 3 1/2 year old. I suppose we could have asked him "Does he want to purple hippo?". Maybe I asked the question as much for him as for the nannies to know :) Once we have the LOA (approval) from China we can send Darren a care package - with toys, food, and pictures of US...and let him know he does have a family that are excited to meet him, love him, and bring him home :)

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. I had not visited this page, Sandy, since just before Eric and I went out of town for a week. So much excitement going on! I cannot wait to meet Darren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sue Ann