Sunday, September 9, 2012


We found out this week we are Out Of Translation. The approval by the Chinese government comes in three steps: Translation, Review, and Matching. We are now onto review! Time wise I think review takes the longest of the three steps...but I do like thinking that we are 1/3 of the way through the approval.

I have given myself "permission" to call our agency worker each Thursday for an update on our status. It helps break up the waiting and so far each week I have been given new information/news. 

We are on day 24 of waiting...according to our agency anything under 10 weeks is expedited - so I am figuring we still have a ways to go. There is a Chinese Holiday that closes the government offices September 30 to October 7 so that may increase the wait too. 

THANKFULLY God knows Darren needs to come home for surgery and I can trust in His timing.

 Above my school desk I had three clocks. One for Michigan time (where we live), one for California time (where our grandparents live), one for Germany time (where our exchange student Hannes lives), and now one for China...where Darren lives :)

China is exactly a twelve hour difference from EST. When we wake up in the morning we think about Darren going to sleep. When we go to sleep at night we think about Darren eating breakfast.

Blessings, Sandy

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