Monday, October 15, 2012

A Bin!

Darren has a bin. 
It might not sound like much and if you saw ALL the bins I have it isn't a significant number (1) - but it is a BIG deal. I actually hesitated after writing the first few letters of his name - I had to take a deep breath - say a prayer - and in faith continue to write his name. After losing Bryan last year I am afraid of being hurt again...and afraid of hurting the kids again (They ask - after Darren comes home from China will he have to go back to China?) . Writing Darren's name on a bin commits him to coming home and commits me (and my heart) to thinking he is coming home. (I actually thought to myself - when I stopped halfway through writing Darren's name....if Darren doesn't end up joining our family, I could always name another child Darren and still use this bin). I have started collecting items for him to play with and wear after he comes home. It is CrAzY to think he could be home in TWO months! I am excited...but my heart is still feeling cautious.

Blessings, Sandy

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