Friday, October 12, 2012

Care Package!

This week we sent Darren a care package. This wasn't an ordinary chocolate chip cookies from home care package. This was a YOU HAVE A FAMILY care package!!! Our care package included photos of our family, a pillow, a stuffed animal, a disposable camera, and a letter. The letter told Darren that he has a family and a little bit about his new family. Apparently his nannies will read the letter to him and show him the pictures frequently. It was a hard letter to write. How do you tell a 3 1/2 year old that they have a family? How do you tell him that we already love him although we have never met? How do you tell him that although we wish we could travel tomorrow we still have a few hoops to jump through before we will meet? I hope we did an okay job writing the letter.

Darren won't receive the care package for a couple of weeks. I wonder what he will be thinking and feeling. Will he be excited? scared? confused? What will he think of having six siblings and two dogs? Such a huge change will arrive for him in a care package.

I look forward to having Darren home...then we can make him those chocolate chip cookies :)

Blessings, Sandy

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