Sunday, October 21, 2012

Christmas Frenzy!

I am linking up with other adoptive families to try and raise the additional funds we need to bring Darren home. I can't wait to look at the different links - what a GREAT way to Christmas shop. With our trip *MOST PROBABLY* happening in December I have told the kids I need their Christmas Lists by November 1st so I can start shopping :)

is our current fundraiser. 

Our ARTICLE 5 was "dropped off" on October 16. Within a week or two it should be "picked up". Then we will wait for China to issue our TRAVEL APPROVAL (That could take a few days or a few weeks). Once we are approved to travel (YIPPEE!!!!) our agency will make our CONSULATE APPOINTMENT and we can schedule our GOTCHA DAY! 
Oh - we are close!!!

Blessings, Sandy

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