Thursday, October 4, 2012

I 800 Approval!!

WOO HOO!! One more step closer to Darren!!

The USCIS has approved us to adopt Darren!! 

Now our approval is sent to the National Visa Center to be cabled to the US consulate in Guangzhou. We will fill out *more* paperwork tonight that is send to the US consulate they will then issue an Article 5. This is given to the C3WA in China and our Travel Approval should be issued. THEN our agency makes our appointments in China AND we travel !!

Unless we hit a snag December travel still seems possible :)

WOO HOO!! Darren  here we come!!

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Gave me the chills reading this! Darren has NO idea of the wonderful family he is about to be born into!