Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Plane Tickets!

Tonight we purchased our airline tickets! As exciting as that sounds (I am soooo ready to start the count down to China) we really don't know when we are leaving. A friend's husband is a pilot. He offered us "buddy passes". They are basically tickets at a *greatly* reduced price that you use to fly stand by. As it turns out his father was a pilot. He has even more seniority than our friend's husband  but his renewal date is October 2...so we had to book the tickets tonight or the passes would be lost. The good news is we can change the flight up to 24 hours before leaving. So if our China paperwork is ready early we can move the flights up :) if it is ready later we can move the flights back :(

We are told December travel is possible...assuming we get our I800 approval, our paperwork heads to the NVC, then we get cabled, then our article 5 is issued and delivered, and finally we receive our travel approval!

In case you are curious we booked the flight for December 12...a day or two earlier than we would normally leave for a Monday "Gotcha Day" - but if the flight gets full then we don't get on. We are returning December 30. 

It will be hard to be 1/2 way around the world from my family...but Madeline just tried out (for the first time) and made the Nutcracker. It performs on December 8 and 9 so now we need to stick around for that. Waiting until after Christmas doesn't work (in MY plan anyway!) for a few reasons: Darren is without his family for longer! My folks will travel to Haiti and not be available to help Erik on the home front (so this mama will have to worry more about her kiddos left behind!). And Madeline has a big dance competition that only occurs once a year that she doesn't want to miss in January/early February. Sooo - that is why missing Christmas just has to be okay - right :) Don't ask me my thoughts on this if I am in China on Christmas day :)

I am SUPER DUPER anxious to get Darren and having plane tickets sure makes it seems soooo much more real :)

Blessings, Sandy

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