Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stocking Stuffer

Last week I was at Costco. I saw they were stocking some rechargeable flashlights that we had purchased from the store a year ago. Those flashlights work good in fact they are always missing! I usually find them tucked under a child's pillow or under  a bed - NOT where they are supposed to be in the charger. We definitely need a few more. It occurred to me what a great stocking stuffer a flashlight would be (great excuse to buy them too!). As I was putting them in my cart I thought of Darren. We expect him to be home sometime in December. We will celebrate Christmas before he arrives - but I can *so* see flashlight envy/flashlight fights.  Especially if ALL the other kids have a flashlight and Darren does not. So...I loaded an extra flashlight in the cart for Darren. It did my mommy heart good to buy a gift for my is starting to feel so real :)

Blessings. Sandy

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