Tuesday, November 20, 2012

24 hours with Xiang Zi

Highlights of our day:

  • Darren is officially a KREPS - I signed the paperwork today!
  • Tomorrow he has his medical exam and TB test required by the American Consulate. Then in the afternoon we apply for his visa and passport.
  • We have decided to start calling him Xiang Zi Darren tomorrow
  • I am glad we are keeping Xiangzi as his middle name - it really fits him
  • Today is started repeating words including: water, lollypop, flash light. He also said "potty" and then went to use it!
  • He did really well at the appointment today - even though it was in the same room as yesterday.
  • At breakfast another American family came up to us - and spoke to Darren in Chinese. He scowled at them and wouldn't respond - a good sign as he smiles and laughs for us!
  • We could feel your prayers as the transition has been much easier than I expected!
  • Darren loves to ride in the stroller and on the shuttle bus. Both made him giggle with happiness today
  • A few minutes ago I laid Darren down to sleep next to me. He fell asleep within a minute with three matchbox cars in his hands :)
  • The boy LOVES himself some match box cars - we may have played cars together for hours today :)
  • We have been having skype trouble. I was saying loudly into the Kindle "Can you hear me?" a few times this morning. Darren repeated me VERY clearly "Can you hear me?"
  • Madeline asked "Mom - is it cold?" and he parroted "Mom - is it cold?"
  • Darren loved taking a bath last night. We started small with maybe two inches of water and bubbles. 
  • He is very curious - loving to push buttons, move things around, check things out.
  • Although he is 3 1/2 years old he is more like a two year old child. I expected that based on Cierrah's adoption and orphanage living
This tired mama is heading to bed - good night from China! Sandy

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  1. I'm so thankful that it's going better than you expected...and way better than that one blog!!! :) Still praying for you guys.