Thursday, November 22, 2012

A day at the Guangzhou Zoo

 Our outing today was to the Guangzhou Zoo

Darren Xiangzi likes our new stroller! And for $135 Yuan - I love it too!! (~ $23)
As Darren Xiangzi is 33 pounds and very curious we have decided it is essential to our airport experience!

Hmmm - not so sure about having his picture taken :)

All about the panda...

and typical to USA zoos too - the panda walked right past us - and into his indoor cage - where we couldn't see him!

You can take the girl to China...but you can't take the dance out of her :)

Looking at the animals

In deep thought about the animals?

Giggles playing with the telephone at the hotel :)

Darren Xiangzi has learned to say "hello" into the phone!

It wouldn't be a day in China without McDonald's
(He likes barbeque sauce!)
It is the only restaurant within walking distance of our hotel!
(Notice the bag of cars sitting on one side of his chicken nuggets. He carries them everywhere in a variety of containers. This one happens to be a plastic bag that had underwear in it. Whenever he gets them out to play he will hand one to me and one to Madeline)

Blessings from China, Sandy

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