Saturday, November 17, 2012

A day at Shamian Island and a park

 God blessed us with some wonderful new adoptive friends today!
Madeline and I were feeling sad that we haven't been able to skype with family at home during the last two days, Yahoo was blocking me from replying to emails, my facebook chat wasn't working...we were just feeling FAR from home and VERY disconnected with those that love us/we love. God heard us and provided new and wonderful friends today that took us under their wings.

We spent the first part of the day at Shamian Island. 
We saw a TON of brides and grooms getting their pictures taken on the island.

The island is a VERY beautiful area - within a VERY large metropolitan city.

Most of Guangzhou actually reminds me a lot of Chicago or New York City.

There were LOTS of neat shops. We are starting to get used to the Chinese way of shopping. The shop workers are VERY pushy, follow you around, and expect bartering for the price.

After lunch we met our new friends again and walked to a park.

It was just BEAUTIFUL - again quite unexpected in such a congested city.

The signs were TOO funny!

Really?! But what about flute music?

Blessings from China, Sandy

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