Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another day in China


We enjoyed another wonderful day in China

We visited the Chen Family Temple with other Great Wall families. We also learned today that the population of Guangzhou is 13-14 MILLION! YIKES - no wonder it seems busy and crowded here!

We also visited the Pearl Market. Many of the families bought pearls. We walked around and were just *overwhelmed* by the 8-10 floors of jewelry findings. There appeared to be hundreds of shops selling beads, rhinestones, and other items needed to make jewelry - honestly just a crazy amount of stuff.

We had our first taste of REAL Chinese food! We headed down a few back alleys with our guide and ordered some delicious vegetable fried rice from one shop and fried noodles from another shop. The sights and sounds from the alley included: fish drying on wire hangers, LOTS of fresh fruit and vegetables spread everywhere, people sleeping in wheel barrels, fresh noodles being made, clothing shops, randomly located barbers cutting hair - we felt like we were REALLY in China...not just at the hotel anymore :)

We also ventured out to the grocery store. We wanted to stock up on snacks for Darren.

We are excited and nervous and as Madeline reminded me "praying that God's will be done" tomorrow as Darren joins our family. We will arrive at the Civil Affairs Office tomorrow at 2:30pm China time (13 hours ahead of MI). Apparently afternoons are VERY busy at the office. We will be told what order our children will arrive (so we can have our cameras ready!). The families will meet their new child one at a time, then move to the side for the next family. Apparently we will also have a chance to ask the nannies questions. I am not sure I will sleep much tonight.

Yahoo apparently is okay with me being in China - as I can now respond and send emails. YAY me!!

blessings from China, Sandy


  1. AHHHHHhh!! Can't wait for photos to come through!! I may have rocketed out of bed this morning and grabbed my phone to check on you guys! Ok...I did. I totally did. Congratulations on the big day, now put that baby down and give us some pictures!! :)

  2. Praying for you and your family!!!! So excited!! ((I figured out how to comment! Yay me!))