Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day ELEVEN in China

Today we went back to Shamian Island - because for some reason we just didn't have enough FUN yesterday shopping with a small child!

We did find a few gifts for those sweet children we left behind and a couple for ourselves :)

There are statues ALL over the island

I have seen this statue on MANY adoption of course I had to have Darren Xiangzi pose with it too

He was quite interested (and confused) in the statues.

Darren Xiangzi wanted to "ride" this golden elephant that sat in front of a restaurant. With a little tickling we got a smile :)

My dancer

Cow Bridge?

I am not sure WHAT I was thinking taking a "TWO year old" child out to a SIT DOWN restaurant?! Our group and guide went to a MEXICAN CHINA! It must have been the chance to eat something besides McDonald's and other adult company that made me lose my mind!

This sign is in the restaurant where we eat our "free" breakfast buffet every morning. Madeline and I just can't enough of the sign translations!

Maybe I should have read this sign before heading to the Mexican restaurant tonight with an active curious toddler :)

You  really DO need to mind your head! 

We have been calling our new little guy "Darren Xiangzi". I am not sure if he even hears/gets the Darren part yet. We did learn, from listening to the nannies at the orphanage, that Xiangzi is pronounced "Shong Za" not "Shong Zoo" as we/our guide had been saying :)

Blessings from China, Sandy

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  1. Just wanted to say I love your pictures and I am praying for you!! Any tips on how to handle a two year old in the sit down restaurant? I'm taking notes. :)