Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day two

I am not sure why - but bullet points to my day just seem right :)

  •  He doesn't seem to recognize his name when we say "Xiang Zi Darren"....we seem to have more luck with "Darren Xiangzi"...which happens to be his name :)
  • We had Cantonese food last night for dinner and more "real" Chinese food for dinner tonight. Both times Darren was not interested in the food. Either he isn't really hungry for dinner or he doesn't like Chinese food :) No need to worry Grandma Roelofs - I think he will be fine with American food (He loved the chicken nuggets and french fries for lunch!)
  • As it type Darren has emptied the gas masks out of the gas mask boxes. He is now loading stuff into the boxes. So far he has two crayons, a half eaten raisin roll, a flash light, a piece of paper, an army man, and three match box cars in the box.
  • Darren was just standing by the bathroom door saying "Jie jie...something...something...something" over and over again. (Jie jie is big sister). When Madeline came out of the bathroom he shared one of his gas mask boxes with her :) Life in a Chinese hotel :)
  • Darren has been testing us - like a typical two year old he wants to know if "no" means "no"
  • Tomorrow we have a trip to the zoo with our group planned. Apparently the pandas are really neat to see.
  • Darren is dry at night! Although the orphanage reported that he likes milk and meat - both of which haven't panned out. They were right about him being fully potty trained. 
  • Speaking of using the potty - he had to go at the Passport office today. I took him into the bathroom and had a choice of a squatty potty or regular toilet. Figuring he is a boy AND prior to meeting us had only used a squatty potty that is where I directed him. He lifted his hands to say "get me out of here"....I brought him to the regular potty and he went. The boy is turning American already :)

  Luckily the restaurant has pictures on the wall - so we just point and hold up fingers to show how much we want :)

 Darren loves Madeline to read him the book I made on Shutterfly. He likes her to point out his daddy, big brothers, and big sisters. She says "Jie Jie" and then he repeats her :)

 Darren Xiangzi LOVES riding on the shuttle bus. It brings lots of giggling and smiles when we first get on.

 Cutie Chubby Cheeks talking on the phone - to no one since it is the second phone and I unplugged  it :)

Blessings from China, Sandy

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