Saturday, November 24, 2012

FIVE days until we are home...but who is counting?!

Darren Xiang and Madeline are asleep. I am down in the lobby loading pictures. I realized a few minutes ago that we are heading home in FIVE DAYS!! I can count FIVE on ONE HAND!! Woo Hoo!! I can't wait to see my family :)

Yesterday before heading to the orphanage we walked to a nearby park. I have never been to Central Park in NY, but I wonder if it is the same sort of situation. In the middle of this BUSY metropolitan area there is a HUGE beautiful park filled with grass, trees, and water.

 My dancer :)

Photo of Ma Ma and Darren Xiangzi

 ...and with a little tickling I got a smile :)

 Darren Xiangzi and Madeline checking out the HUGE fish.

 We just can't get over the CrAzY translations!

This is a Gotcha Day photo. Madeline and I keep referring back to it and laughing so I thought I should share it. Darren Xiangzi was VERY serious. He was moving the cars back and forth and most of the time not even looking at them. Sort of mechanically playing with them. I am soooo glad he is now finding joy, playing, giggling, and settling in with us :)

Today we spent the day getting Darren Xiangzi's TB spot (or lack of spot) checked. YAY us - we don't have to stay in China while he is treated for TB or bring him back to the orphanage so we can go home while he is treated for TB!!! (What a NIGHTMARE that would be!!!!!)

We also spent a few hours shopping on Shamian Island again. My camera battery was dead...and I am not sure you really want to see how much fun it was trying to shop with a curious, active "two" year old :)

Yesterday as Darren Xiangzi and I were heading out for a walk, on his own, he said "bye bye" and waved to Madeline!

Chinese words Madeline and I have learned this week:
(Phonetically spelled)

G G - big sister
Guh Guh - big brother
Boo - no
Dog O - dog
Ah Jing - quiet
Neow neow - potty
Ma ma - mom
Ba ba - dad

Darren Xiangzi also learned to say "McDonalds". I am afraid that tells you how often we have been there :O

 And if you are TOO lazy (or busy) to walk to McDonalds you can always get it delivered by bicycle in China!!

Blessings from China, Sandy

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  1. Ok, so you are in sweatshirts? I thought it was hot there this time of the year!