Saturday, November 10, 2012

His Best Friend


I have heard back from The Volunteer (Our Angel) at our son's orphanage everyday...oh it does my heart good!

I asked her "Katie and I only live a couple of hours from each other. Are our sons roommates? Friends? Do they know each I other?"

And she replied "They are orphanage brothers through and through. They live in the same room, and attend the same class. Where there is one, there is usually the other."


Then I remembered back to the update we received on Darren in September. We asked if he had any close friends. I quickly opened the update letter....and Katie's son WAS the first friend listed!!

GOD IS SO GOOD!! He CARES about ALL the little details!!

Let me back track a little and explain just HOW crazy this is!

This summer - while wading through PILES of China paperwork I went on Pinterest. I searched under "China Adoption" just like any good China adoptive mama should :) Up pops Katie's blog. I looked at her blog and she mentioned that she found her son on THE SAME BLOG that we found Darren listed on! I contacted her and we have shared some of the ups and downs of adopting from China together. Just recently we realized that our sons were living at THE SAME orphanage.

We had NO IDEA that they were BEST FRIENDS!! Katie and I live just a couple of hours away from each other! Our sons can remain friends!!

On Wednesday Katie had an AWESOME blog post...and she wrote:

"The world has never, ever felt so small. My son will be able to stay friends with his best friend from the orphanage on the other side of the world. He will have playdates and sleepovers and share secrets with the same boy that held his hand when neither of them had a mommy or daddy, they only had each other.

But they had a God that saw them and chose to place them each in a Christian home in the same state. What a gift. A precious, miraculous gift. My God has surely had his hand in the adoption of these two little boys. He brought their mommies to a website during the same week to find them, to a silly thing called pinterest to form a new friendship all to allow these two boys to keep that special bond. From China to Michigan he has been planning their reunion. He was listening when they whispered to each other their dreams of a mommy and daddy. He was listening when they wondered what life would be like, if they would ever come. He was watching as they watched out for each other. He was loving them all along.

He has always been their Father and now he has given them each a daddy to lead them to Him. Can it get any better than that? I can.not.wait for them to realize they get to stay friends! I cannot wait for them to see each other again. I cannot wait to hold my son in my arms and then watch him run into his brothers arms and I cannot wait for the day that he realizes that God did that all for him, just because he loves him."

And to think that we just walked through each door God opened in faith....and he already had this crazy happy ending planned!! WOW!

Blessings, Sandy


  1. I'm in tears, what absolutely mind blowing GOODNESS. Wow.

  2. Speechless. Absolutely speechless. This is a big, big world God created and not only are they going to be in the same country but to be that close amongst all the places on this planet. Wow. Just wow!!! I am CRAZY excited for both of you!!! Go get on that plane momma!!

  3. I loved reading about this on Katie's blog, too! It's so sweet!:)