Thursday, November 15, 2012

Four More Sleeps

We made it to Tokyo!! 

 The Delta Plane...TWO STORIES!

 Wow - what a mind boggling looooong flight! I feel like we need one of those car stickers...
"We survived a flight half way around the world!"

God soooo provided for us. Not only did we make it ON the flight....BUT we were upgraded to FIRST CLASS!!


We were just hoping to get ON the flight....complementary slippers!

Complimentary orange juice or wine just after sitting down (in REAL glasses!).

A view of our "pod" - after we just walked up and dumped our stuff. You can see Madeline sitting in her seat, the divider btw. us, "my" tv screen.

 A view of our section of "Business Elite"

 Note how small my regular size diet coke looks (on my linen napkin) compared to the tv screen size!

We felt like we were on an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!
Immediately after sitting down we were offered orange juice or wine - then they came by with newspapers. Our seats were really a pod style set up that included a tv with remote control!,  an ottoman, a seat that reclined flat!, slippers, two pillows, socks, a comforter, half walls for privacy,  and a travel pouch with toiletries! Our dinner was three courses and then dessert! Just before departing we were served breakfast - at midnight!

WOW...even with all that a TWELVE HOUR flight is long!

(Should be fun with Darren huh?!)

We are now waiting for our flight to Hong Kong.

One step closer to Darren!

Darren has FOUR MORE SLEEPS in the orphanage...and then that chubby cheeked little boy will have a family forever!!

blessings, Sandy

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  1. How awesome is that to be upgraded! Wow, what a blessing. Hang on Darren they are almost there! Tell Darren his welcome home gift just left my house today. :-)