Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From China with LOVE!

TOMORROW we head to HONG KONG on the train!! 

And then on Thursday morning we FLY from Hong Kong to Toyko and then to Detroit!!

We leave at 8am....and arrive home by noon :)
(Apparently it is some kind of time warp thing!)

I can't wait to snuggle my sweet children and hubby AND have them meet their NEW BROTHER!!

Today we had our American Consulate Appointment. First there is an "Oath Taking Ceremony" then each family signs a paper and is given some paperwork to bring home.
(The oath is basically done to say you haven't lied on any part of your adoption paperwork).
We were reminded that when our child's feet touch American soil...they will be US Citizens!!

An advantage of having a 7-11 within walking distance :)

 A chance to taste foreign delicacies :)

COOKIE McFlurries!!

Not cookie dough - but wonderfully CRUNCHY cookies - super yummy!

(On their picture menu they only show an oreo McFlurry and a fruit McFlurry so we have to point overhead each time we want to order the cookie one. Just tonight they changed their signs and we had to resort to charades....we couldn't leave without enjoying this treat one last time!)

 On a bench just outside the restaurant :)

Half the Sky BLESSED us with 77 pictures of Darren Xiangzi growing up!!!
The packet of pictures even contains HAND and FOOT prints!!!
There are 77 PAGES of writing about him - all in Chinese :)
This is the first/youngest picture that was included of him. I can soooo see that it is our Darren :)

Our sweet guide Kelly.
Guides can really make a break a good part of the trip. She is very organized and experienced. Kelly has made the paperwork portion of our trip a breeze. She has been quite busy - but when available has been able to also act as a translator and tour guide.

Tonight our active, can't sit still, boy fell asleep holding his pear juice (just LOVES it!), his airplane, and of course wearing his shoes!

Little brother, Big brother, Big brother, Daddy 

 Darren Xiangzi with his beloved pear juice - being silly with his new hat.
Note the mess in the background! McDonald's bag, Starbucks bag....

Jamma requested more hotel pictures. This is a view of about HALF the restaurant that serves the breakfast buffet.

This is a view of HALF of the buffet part - YUM!

Darren Xiangzi seems to like a variety. For a few days in a row he LOVED all the fresh fruit. Then for a few days he liked these Chinese fried noodles. Today all he wanted was dry cereal and raisins. He is a typical kid...soon to be a typical American kid :)

Madeline and I have been chatting about WHAT WE WILL MISS and WHAT WE WILL NOT MISS about China. Here is our short list :)

* Awesome water pressure - makes for GREAT showers!
* 7-11 within walking distance (although apparently diet pop doesn't exist in China - but I have easily transitioned to Coke Zero!
* Meeting other WONDERFUL adoptive families! (On such an emotional journey - we NEED each other!!)
* HUGE breakfast buffet
*Within walking distance of McDonald's (And yes, one of Darren's first English words was MCDONALDS!)
*Not having to do the dishes or clean up after ourselves - LOVE the housekeepers!

* Living in a hotel room with an active, curious, and NEVER quiet toddler
*ALL the internet and electronics issues
* Having to brush our teeth with bottled water
* Being HALF way around the world from my family

Blessings from China, Sandy

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