Thursday, November 29, 2012


I can't even describe how HAPPY it made me to SEE my kids (I think they have grown!), and HUG my family, AND introduce everyone to Darren!!!

It was wonderful to experience China, but I have realized I am not much of a world traveler.

On our Hong Kong to Toyko flight - we not only HAD SEATS - but we had BULKHEAD seats TOGETHER without EVEN asking!!

Darren LOVED having his own touch screen tv to touch and touch and touch and touch some more :)

Although he did NOT like the seat belt (what IS this crazy contraption that holds me down?!) - he did FABULOUS on the flights!!

We were able to track where we were on our tv's - I LOVED watching us get closer to home!

On the second flight Madeline was seated away from Darren and I. About an hour and a 1/2 into the flight the flight attendant realized that we were not sitting together. She asked a few people if they might be willing to move - but most didn't want to give up their aisle seats or place on the plane. A few minutes later she told us we could all move to a row in the back of the plane that had three seats together. It was SO WONDERFUL to sit together on such a LONG flight!! When I asked the fellow sitting by us where he was returning from - he mentioned that he and his pastor had been on a mission trip. His pastor had been the one WILLING to give up his seat for us. I told Madeline when we boarded the first plane that God would take care of us. He provided BULK HEAD seats together for us on the first flight AND THEN a pastor willing to give up his seat for us on the second flight. One more way God blessed us SO much on this journey!

Darren took a 1 1/2 hour nap and then towards the end of the flight slept another 2 hours. That was ALL he slept! I couldn't believe it!! Especially since we got him up at 5am to head to the airport, he had gotten to bed late the night before, AND it was night time in China while we were flying!!
BUT he did FABULOUS!!! I couldn't believe how my ACTIVE always on the move boy could sit for hours and hours and hours...did I mention hours?! Besides his complaining/some crying about his seat belt he was just about perfect. I just KNOW that God heard ALL YOUR PRAYERS!!!

Our welcoming committee!!
(And a welcome sight they were!)

Darren did REALLY well on the ride home - I guess six new siblings can distract a person from the pain of having to sit in a car seat!

Darren also did AWESOME once we arrived home. He is VERY scared of the "dog-gos" - so spent the afternoon/evening be held and carried by Erik and I. Darren warmed up to Erik very quickly - the skyping we did helped! Just before dinner he ran out of energy - crawled up on Erik's lap and fell asleep :)

Blessing from HOME, Sandy

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  1. Ahhhhhh welcome home!!!!! Darren you are one loved little boy and I CANNOT WAIT to see the plans the Lord has for you! I know you don't know HIM now, but ohhhhh boy are you ever gonna hear about and see his love played out right in your very own home! One Less! Praise HIM!!