Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hong Kong and heading HOME!

By the GRACE of God we made it to Hong Kong!

Although we still had to make it through security, immigration TWICE (heading to Hong Kong and arriving in Hong Kong), and up and down a few escalators WITH ALL our LUGGAGE and our HEAVY (33 pounds) toddler....God provided a train with NO stairs this time! YAY GOD! Madeline and I could barely get our luggage up the train steps WITHOUT a toddler...we were concerned about it the whole trip. So God just went and outdid himself AGAIN - and provided a train with NO steps :)

Tomorrow we head to the airport at 6am
~5 hour flight to Toyko
1 1/2 hour layover
~14 hour flight to Detroit

and we are HOME!! I can't wait to LOVE on my family AND introduce them to their newest brother/son/grandson.


I feel like I need a bumper sticker that says "I survived China" :)

We took pictures with our group before heading to the train station. This was our "family" picture :)

 The kids from our travel group, our guide Kelly, a mom (since her son didn't want to be set down), and a little girl from the other GWCA group.
(Our travel group was made up of four families. It was unusual because ALL four families were adopting BOYS! The little guy on the left is 8 and has hemophilia, the next fellow is almost 2 and is missing the lower part of his left arm, then comes Darren, and then a little guy who just turned two who has a repaired cleft lip and unrepaired cleft palate).

 I have no idea why this picture posted sideways - I am just thrilled I can be sitting in my HOTEL ROOM and not the LOBBY while I load pictures onto this blog!

Yesterday we visited a bookstore with our group. We were excited to find a small section of books that have writing in English AND Chinese. I purchased a few books for our family. Darren already enjoys listening to me read. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is a good book - as it is quite melodic and fun to listen to even if you don't understand the words.

Darren (who is starting to figure out his new name) watching out the train window.
He preferred standing on the seats, was quite wiggly, AND thankfully took an hour long nap.

I am so glad they were clear on this :O

Thanks...I think :)

Blessings from China....ONE LAST TIME, Sandy


  1. After so many of your posts over the last few days leaving me in tears, I'm SO glad you posted the jacuzzi sign!!!!! Cracked me up!!!!

  2. The signs crack me up!!! So excited that you are so close to getting home to your family!! :)

  3. good to hear you are coming home. Bless you