Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hong Kong!

We made it to HONG KONG!

and to our hotel :)

Although the clock says 1:47am on the sure doesn't feel like it!

God provided us with GREAT travels so far!

Tomorrow...find our way to the train station (apparently a 40 minute taxi ride) and to Guangzhou!

 I *must* show a squatty potty from the Tokyo airport. THANKFULLY the next stall was a regular potty :)

Madeline's coke from the plane - with JAPANESE writing on it!

 A sign in the Tokyo airport.
We did have to ask help a time or two and found that both people spoke English.

Blessings, Sandy


  1. Yay! You're in the land of squatty potties! You MUST be close to that sweet boy! :) I would go on but I am still sitting here COMPLETELY jealous of your 1st class experience. :) I shoulda came along as your nanny!

  2. Ohhh....I was hoping that you posted something! So glad that you and Madeline are having a wonderful and safe travel experience!
    Big onward to Darren!!!

  3. So tell me you didn't opt for the western toilet please! Tell me you pee'd like a man over that hole! :-)