Thursday, November 8, 2012

Medicines and packing lists

(Sorry...I just couldn't help myself - that hand was just TOO funny not to use!)

We are starting to look at packing lists...

I spent much of the weekend running around town finding clothes for Darren. The tricky part is that when we travel to China it will be warm/hot. The forecast for this coming week is high 70's/low 80's and 83% humidity! BUT when we arrive back home it will be COLD...with most likely snow on the ground. I was able to find most of the summer stuff I need on clearance racks. I got a great deal on an almost new winter jacket at the used kids clothing store.

 I am definitely in FULL NESTING MODE :)

It is CrAzY the amount of medication it is recommended we travel with to China.
Apparently it is difficult to get medication in China. You can't just go to the corner drug store and pick up a bottle of advil. I am traveling with a small pharmacy - hopefully we won't need to use it, but I have it just in case :)

  For Darren

For Madeline and I

Blessings, Sandy

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