Friday, November 9, 2012



We received these new pictures on Wednesday!

 Look at those sweet cheeks just waiting to be pinched by a grandparent (or silly mom!)

Erik emailed me "I must be a dad, already I think he's the cutest kid in the whole orphanage." And then a little while later he emailed "I was being modest. He's actually the cutest kid in all of China. And I don't just mean now. I mean ever."

AMAZING how God can open our hearts up to a child we have never even met!

You can hardly see Darren...but I like this picture because he is being held (by the lady in gray - who I later learned is the MAYOR of Shenzhen! Apparently they all really like his chubby cheeks!).


A fellow adoptive mom (Katie) that I met on-line was blessed to get in contact with a volunteer who works at the orphanage where BOTH our boys live. The volunteer asked Katie if she knows of a Sandy Kreps who is also adopting. Apparently the volunteer had a message for me from DARREN!! I was able to PM on facebook with the volunteer. I just HAVE to share some of our conversation!!!

"Volunteer: I have been around "Darren", for a long time. He's usually in class while I am at the orphanage, but I do 'see' him every time I go. Recently though, he has been coming up to me and looking at me (in my eyes) more than usual, and I kept thinking something was up with him, but didn't know what it was.

So yesterday, after the ayi said he was being adopted, he came up to me and the translator and EXCITEDLY says:  "Wo yao qu guo le. Wo you ba ba ma ma la. (I am going out of the country. I have a father and mother.) I thought that was just the sweetest thing ever. And now I wonder if that's what he has been wanting to say to me all along."


The last week has been quite stressful - trying to pack, getting together everything we need for international travel, preparing school for while I am gone, purchasing clothes for a child I have never met and am only guessing on his size, making special treats for the kids I am leaving at home, finalizing flights, booking hotel rooms, and ALL the other details that keep me up LATE and wake me up EARLY - along with our normal weekly activities.

ANYHOW - having contact with this volunteer and knowing Darren is excited is just the HUG and LOVE and BLESSING I needed this week from God!!

I also asked the volunteer:

"We wondered if our son has seen other children leave his room to be adopted...if he has some idea once you are adopted you don't come back to the orphanage?"

Volunteer: "He's seen lots of kids leave. Most of the time the ones who leave come back with their new families, so then they know for sure those kids aren't coming back because they are all saying goodbye for the last time. Soon it will be HIS turn!!! Yay!"

Blessings, Sandy


  1. Tears of JOY! I am SO happy for all of you! Bessings as you travel to meet and bring home your son!

  2. So very happy for you Sandy and family!!! He is excited is something to be excited for!! He is so blessed to join your family! Looking forward to the stories to follow. Will be praying for all of you!

  3. Tears... How precious to get this message!!! God is so good! Praying for you as you prepare to leave and go to get your precious little guy. :)