Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Count Down....THREE DAYS!


Each day this week I have taken one of the kids out for a "special time" with mom. To keep it somewhat fair and simple I gave them each a choice of ice cream or hot cocoa.

I have been for ice cream three times!
(Trevin, Alex, and Cierrah)

And hot cocoa twice!
(Rhiana and Jason)

Last evening my folks watched the kids.  It was a rare treat - a date with my hubby. It was really nice to spend time just the two of us...especially with such a large life change coming SOON!

Please pray for the kids (5) and Erik while Madeline and I are away. A couple of the kids and I already get teary eyed talking about me being away :(

We are planning on skyping each day. We have practiced a few times. The kids are not so sure of my technique - it seems to be a great time to get up close to the camera (eye ball shots, throat checks!)

To try to ease the sadness I made up goody bags for the kids to open each day while I am away. They contain small treats: candy, a small toy, pop, gum etc.

I also made a paper chain so the younger ones have a better idea of when I am coming back. On the inside of each chain I wrote out a joke.

I am sooo blessed! My mom has agreed to help with the kids while I am gone. She will come over during the day so Erik can still go to work. She will do school with the kids, play with the kids, help with the house, shuttle the kids to their various activities....and give them LOTS of love for me :)

Blessings, Sandy

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