Monday, November 12, 2012

Two Days...but who's counting!?


It seems unreal...almost like we are in a dream. Do we *really* leave for China in TWO DAYS?!

Alex and I  just calculated...Madeline and I will arrive in Hong Kong after 22 hours of travel (TWENTY TWO!!!). YIKES!

Yesterday I did a MASSIVE grocery shopping trip. I was definitely trying to ease that 'guilty mama leaving her babies' feeling.

  We also set up the Christmas tree yesterday! We usually set it up Thanksgiving weekend. With us gone and then life upside down when we get back - yesterday seemed like the perfect day.

 We also had an early Thanksgiving with my folks yesterday. Madeline mentioned being disappointed about missing all the great Thanksgiving food. We figured - why not move the feast up a few days so we too can enjoy pumpkin pie! YUM - it was good :)

God has given me a wonderful peace about our trip - I am blessed!

Blessings, Sandy

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