Friday, November 16, 2012

We made it!


We made it to Guangzhou! After only a little sleep on the plane rides and only six hours of sleep the next night - Madeline and I crashed last night at 7:30pm! I ended up with 11 hours of sleep and Madeline is still sleeping :)

We were very proud of ourselves for figuring out the taxi ride, buying train tickets, getting ALL our luggage onto the train, and making it to Guangzhou. It was a really nice ride and neat to see China btw. Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Friday must be laundry day for EVERYONE in China. There was laundry hanging out of EVERY window along the way. From shacks to what appeared to be 500 story buildings. I am still amazed to think you would hang your laundry out at the height...what if it fell?

Our guide Kelly was supposed to be waiting for us at the train station with a GREEN sign saying "Sandy Kreps". After making it through security and immigration yet again (we are LOVING all the stamps in our passport!) we didn't see anyone. We stopped to regroup and decide our next step - and just happened to look across the hall and see:

A Crazy Sign WHITE sign with 
"Sandbra Kreis"

Our guide was busy and had sent word to the hotel that we needed to be met and picked up.
We survivied a CrAzY 25 minute shuttle ride back to the hotel. We have decided that they must think lane markers, speed limit, and carefully merging are all just suggestions :O
Madeline is still not sure she wants to get back in a vehicle!

 We enjoyed our first China McDonalds experience  -  we figured it was close and easy. Everything was in Chinese...luckily when we stepped up to the register the gal had a picture menu and we could point to what we wanted.

This is near our entrance to a conference center.

A view from the shuttle bus

Our hotel

The entrance to the hotel

Our room :)

 It always makes me feel better knowing I have gas masks handy on my night stand!!
I also can read my emails, but am unable to respond. I get a message saying for security reasons I am being blocked from responding. I contacted Yahoo - maybe it has to do with me responding from China? It probably doesn't seem possible that I can be on the other side of the world responding to email - they are is quite amazing!

I have been able to skype a couple of times with the kids. It is a bit challenging with the time difference and also skype hasn't always cooperated. I am praying it works to chat today.

Blessings from CHINA! Sandy


  1. The girls and I love watching your progress and the great plane photos! Thanks for the updates. We are praying for you. Kelli

  2. Welcome to China sweet friend! Buckle up, it's gonna be a great ride!