Sunday, December 2, 2012

And the medical appointments begin...

Darren is a BUSY, BUSY toddler! He (and the rest of the family) are adjusting AMAZINGLY well to our life as a family of NINE! We are sooo blessed :)

This week we begin ALL the medical appointments:
Monday: Pediatrician appointment
Tuesday: EKG and Echo at U of M
Friday: Heart Cath. at U of M

Both Tuesday and Friday Darren will need to fast before his LATE morning appointments :( I am sooo worried about him. PLEASE PRAY for him! With any child it would be difficult - but since we don't speak the same language I am afraid he won't understand at ALL. We have also just began building trust between us - I am hoping our with holding of food doesn't completely destroy that :( I am praying that God will give him the comfort that we can't provide.

PRAYERS and suggestions to get through the fasting are MUCH APPRECIATED!
 Darren wore his shoes in China 24/7. The minute he got out of the bath he started saying shoes in Chinese and would get increasingly distressed if we didn't find them quickly! He wore his shoes to bed. If I took them off while he slept - he immediately put them back on upon waking. Apparently there are many ideas to why kids might keep their shoes on after being adopted. It could be because they are the only item left from their previous life (Darren's shoes were numbered - so maybe they were the  only item that was only his at the clothes were shared), or the nannies told them they would get sick/hurt without shoes on, or they need to be ready to leave. I was told that many kids will stop wearing their shoes 24/7 after the long plane ride home when they realize they are not going back. 

On the airplane while we were DESCENDING into Detroit Metro. Airport I looked over at Darren and realized he was taking his SHOES and SOCKS off!!!

Darren has mostly kept his shoes off since we have been home. Today I left him for the first time since we have met. I went grocery shopping (boy did it feel funny/weird not to have my little active guy around!). Erik said he spent quite a bit of time looking around for me and looking sad...then he put his shoes and socks on :( After I was back home  he took a nap. AND the good news is...when I picked him up from bed after his nap - he had taken his shoes AND socks off again. Adoption is such a delicate dance huh?! I am so glad we are not on this journey alone AND that God is with us!
Blessings from HOME! Sandy


  1. Dearest Kreps, I finally had some quiet time to read your recent posts. What an adventure! God has been so good, watching over the girls in China and helping Darren adjust. I am praising God alongside you for His love and goodness!

    What symbolism contained in those little shoes - loved that story! I'm just blown away by Darren's bright eyes and smile! We will continue to pray for your family's transition and for Darren's upcoming surgery. Praying for your energy right now.

  2. Sniff. Sob. Gracious I never knew socks and shoes could be so powerful. What a HUGE step for him. Love, love, love that little guy!