Saturday, December 8, 2012


Darren LOVES our little much that I cleaned it up and now it resides in our kitchen :)

Monday we saw the pediatrician. Darren has a terrible itchy rash with scabs all over from all his itching. The doctor thinks it might be scabies - so we are treating for that. We also got some cream to put on him when he starts itching. We also got a referral to a pediatric eye doctor. In most of the update pictures we had received from the orphanage it looks like Darren's eyes are looking in different directions. The pediatrician couldn't really see anything, but encouraged us to get his eyes looked at since there is a concern. I also got jars to collect poop...we want to check for parasites which can be common in kids from orphanages.

Tuesday we went to U of M for an ECHO and EKG. Darren did REALLY well - with the help of a little sedation AND a *great* interpreter. There were no surprises with the test results.

 Friday was the Heart Cathiterization. We met with a Child Life Specialist who gave Darren this bear that had an IV on it's paw and a syringe. Someone MESSED UP - and although I asked about having an interpreter AT LEAST a DOZEN times there was NO ONE scheduled! We muddled our way through the chest x-ray with an interpreter on the phone - causing WAY more tears than necessary. I then pulled a MAMA BEAR on them and AMAZINGLY enough they were able to come up with TWO interpreters!! And then just as they called us back our FAVORITE interpreter from Tuesday's appt. showed up. YAY!!

 When we spoke with the surgeon he said "Darren's heart looks great!". Although it is backwards and functioning backwards the pulmonary pressure numbers are good...HE IS OPERABLE!!!!!


Darren's surgery is so complex that his cardiologist, cath. doctor, and Dr Bove his surgeon will present his case at a meeting on Monday with 20-30 other doctors. We will get their recommendation on Tuesday.

 After a long day at the hospital including FOUR hours in recovery....Darren was ready to BREAK OUT - so the kind nurse let him play on their computer/with their phone until we were allowed to head out. We are learning those chubby cheeks can get you extra privileges :)

Blessings, Sandy

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