Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ONE MONTH after Gotcha Day!

Has it really been ONE MONTH since GOTCHA DAY?!

Darren is doing AMAZINGLY well! Although he still LOVES to be in mama's arms (and mama LOVES it too!) he has started playing with toys and his siblings (frequently checking on my where abouts).

Rhiana wanted to hold Darren SO BADLY!! He would have NONE of it - until he was home TWO weeks (to the day!) and then he was willing to receive some love from his big sister :)

 Madeline and Darren appreciate each other SO MUCH more when they are NOT living in a small hotel room together. Madeline was doing some school on the computer - and he snuggled up right next to her :)

Jason has embraced his "big brother" role. Darren LOVES having such a FUN playmate :)

What is it that is soooo adorable about sleeping children?!

Just in case you missed it - look how SWEET his face looks :)

And then Darren discovered how much FUN it is to play outside!
(and it was in the low 50's this past weekend...and ONLY 40 yesterday!)

Darren wanted a turn on this riding Jason scooted up and made room for Darren to ride behind him. It was SOOO CUTE! Darren just giggled as they headed down our driveway.

(Just in case you are worried we are protecting Jason's head and not Darren's head...this riding toy and our very slightly sloped driveway don't require a helmet for this toy. Jason had been on his bike - which per our family rule always requires a helmet).

For the record - Darren is HOPING for a bike for his 4th birthday in January. Although we fully expect there to be snow on the ground that doesn't change his thought: It is SO NOT FAIR that Jason has a bike AND he DOES NOT! Oh the injustice :)

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Goodness gracious does he ever stop smiling?? Love that little guy! Just put a post up about him. Totally couldn't help myself.