Saturday, December 29, 2012

One Month Home!

We have been home for ONE MONTH today!!

How is that POSSIBLE?!

On November Madeline and I headed for China
(I was sooo sad to be leaving my family!)

On November 29....when we got back home WITH DARREN!
(I was sooo HAPPY to be with my family!!)

Life as a family of nine is BUSY!

Darren understands A LOT of English

Darren speaks a little English:

We speak a little Chinese:
twanty-a (shoes)
guh guh (big brother)
gee gee (big sister)
ba ba (Daddy)
tone-ya (bath/shower)
boo-dre (no)
dre (yes)
neow neow (pee pee)
lotty (poop)
don-two-a (ride in the car)
wa-eye-knee (i love you)
bow bow (pick me up)
due-a (sit here)

Darren decorating Christmas cookies 

Darren eating his Christmas cookies

Darren opening his FIRST Christmas present (with an audience!) 

Darren kissing his stuffed bunny from Grandma R. :)

Darren has had: 
 an ECHO
 an EKG 
a Heart Cath.

In January Darren will have:
 his teeth cleaned
his eyes checked
his skin evaluated (eczema)

In February Darren will have:
pre-op for heart surgery
heart surgery

Darren is adjusting AMAZINGLY well! It is TOTALLY A GOD THING!!
(He likes to stay VERY close to mama - most often on her lap/in her arms)

The other SIX kids are adjusting to Darren AMAZINGLY well! 

Trevin: Darren is fascinated by his BIG brother! Almost whispering "Guh Guh" when he sees Trevin. Trevin thinks Darren is cute
Madeline: Darren and Madeline have a special relationship - that is MUCH better at home in the USA away from the SMALL hotel room in China. He will take comfort from Madeline AND loves to play with her too.
Alex: Darren likes to "high five" his big brother...over and over. Alex thinks Darren is cute
Rhiana: Darren likes Rhiana - who doesn't LOVE sweet Rhiana?! Rhiana is thrilled that Darren will now let her hold him (even if he weighs TOO much for her to be carrying for long)
Cierrah: Darren likes the silly faces that Cierrah makes. Cierrah is willing to play with Darren if he is sad or mommy needs a short break (say to use the bathroom!)
Jason: Darren LOVES playing with Jason. Jason LOVES playing with Darren AND teasing him (he is a BIG brother now!)

Darren still LOVES to be with his mama 110% of the time. He prefers me to either be carrying him OR sitting next to him. I *love* that we are sooo close - but occasionally would love a few minutes alone (to say...use the bathroom or maybe even do the dishes!). As long as he is with mama - Darren is really a happy, sweet, and quite silly boy - but if I am trying to accomplish something that has me not carrying him or sitting with him then he gets a bit whiny. It is just a short season so I am trying to soak it up (and not worry that it was before Christmas that I last wiped my counters clean).

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Heehee poor Madeline - she will be married with children of her own and the only thing anyone will remember is her and the tiny hotel rooms LOL! LOVE the picture of him and his bunny!