Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We have a SURGERY date

 Monday was the big conference to discuss the best surgery for Darren. Erik asked...and all surgeries are not discussed - just the more complicated cases. Dr. Bove, Dr. La Page, and the cath. doctor (his name currently escapes me!) along with 20-30 other doctors looked at Darren's file/information and discussed the best plan for our little guy's heart.

The doctors at U of M said they would call on Tuesday. By 2:30pm I had looked at my phone TOO many times to I called them. Three phone calls later - and we have a 

We had hoped for an earlier surgery date...maybe even with recovery during Erik's week off over Christmas. BUT we know God's timing is PERFECT and we will rest in that. A February date also gives Darren a chance to learn a little English AND for us to continue to attach to each other :)

Darren will have the Senning-Rastelli surgery. As far as I can tell it is a TOTAL rebuild of his heart...switching the arteries, connecting the ventricles to the proper places, adding a conduit to one of the ventricles, closing holes...and on and on. We are SO THANKFUL that the U of M doctors are so experienced/knowledgeable AND close to home :)
 Our sweet boy sleeping :)

I can't remember when it started, but some time toward the end of our stay in China Darren became attached to carrying a water bottle. He carries one everywhere! Thankfully he only threw a small fit when they had to take it away as we went through security at the airport! I found these cute - perfect for his hand size - water bottles at the grocery store. I was thinking about Darren carrying them - but also for the safety of my feet if he drops one!

Even when he is sleeping he holds his "comfort item" - a water bottle or two :)

Darren LOVES to be held by mama :)

Since we have been home Darren wants to be held 24/7. It is GREAT for attachment - for BOTH of us! He does get down to play for a few minutes at a time...and each day that is increasing...but we still spend HOURS each day in each others arms :) We are making up for THREE lost years! It does this mama's heart good :) 

BUT my arm was DYING (literally going numb!). My mom researched it...and came up with this AWESOME baby hip hugger. It is a bit like a fanny pack shelf that he sits on. It isn't hands free like many carriers - BUT takes the burden off my arm. I would prefer a carrier (ERGO), but he doesn't like how confining it is and it isn't really good for how often he likes to get up and down all day long. I still hope to use the ERGO when we start to head out and about - but for now around the house (while we are cocooning) I love my hip hugger.

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Oh Sandy that picture of you holding him is precious!! Can you even imagine what that feels like for him to be able to have someone that will pick him up at will and pour love out on him. It's beautiful, just beautiful!!!!