Friday, January 11, 2013

Eye update and a new love

 Darren had his eye doctor appointment this week.
(Don't you love how cute he looks in the cheapo eye doctor shades?!)

 His eyes look GREAT - no need for treatment - YAY!

In a few of the referral and update pictures we noticed that Darren looked a bit cross eyed or that his eyes were not focusing in the same direction. Cierrah had this issue, that fortunately eye patching and glasses could fix, so we are a bit sensitive to it. Apparently due to the size and shape of the skin around Darren's eyes he has "pseudostrabismus". Although he doesn't have crossed eyes - it can appear he does. Erik, Trevin and Cierrah all wear glasses...and am thankful that Darren doesn't have to join them. 

As Erik said "It makes wrestling more inconvenient 'cause you have to take your glasses off". 
Good to know - and glad Darren won't have that issue :)
Darren LOVES Lightning McQueen!! 

"The boys" (Darren and Jason) got remote control cars for Christmas. Darren received Lightning McQueen and Jason received Mater.
Darren carries his car EVERYWHERE: to bed, to the bathroom, to the eye doctor, to the dinner table...everywhere Darren goes Lightning McQueen goes too. It is really cute to hear him say "Lightening McQueen" in his learning English voice :) He even KISSES Lightning McQueen!

This week Darren was repeating after me as I said the names of some of the Disney characters. It was TOO CUTE!
When I said "Donald" he would say "McDonald"
When I said "Goofy" he would say "Gooky"
....just a couple of those words that I wish would stay around forever 'cause they are just TOO stinkin' cute!

Blessings, Sandy


  1. Oh he is so cute - Fei has the pseudo too!

  2. what a wonderful story Sandy. I am so happy for you and Erik.