Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Darren!

I am so HAPPY that we can celebrate our sweet boy's 4th birthday with him today!

When we were "paper chasing" our way to China it was my heart's desire to have Darren home by his birthday. I wanted him to be able to celebrate his birthday with HIS FAMILY!

Unlike some families...we do know that today is indeed his birthday. Darren had a note pinned to him that listed his birth date.

We sang Happy Birthday to Darren while he was sitting on his new BIRTHDAY BIKE!
('cause who wants to get off their brand new bike just for cake?!)

We watched youtube videos today of Happy Birthday in Chinese. It is actually the SAME tune as the English version! I *think* Darren understood it was his birthday today. He did like blowing out the candles...and of course his new bike.
I am choosing to focus on Darren's HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. He has a family that will gather around him to celebrate his birthday. He has a family that LOVES him. He has ALL the food and drinks he wants. He has warm, clean clothes to wear. He has a comfortable bed with blankets and a pillow to sleep on. He has a mama that will kiss his owies and cheer for his accomplishments. He has his OWN toys. He can take long, warm baths...

I do reflect on that fact that so much of the above he didn't have for his other birthdays....

I also think about his China mama and wonder how she is doing. I wish I could tell her that her sweet boy is LOVED beyond measure AND that soon his heart will be fixed.

 Darren LOVES (did I mention LOVES) his new bike!! Since it is clean and small he spent the day riding it around the house :) At nap time (and again at bed time) he wanted to bring it to sweet! I think it is both a normal "kid behavior" and also a boy who didn't have his own toys at the orphanage and is afraid this one might disappear.
Blessings, Sandy


  1. This made me cry tears of JOY. God bless you!

  2. That little guy just melts my heart!!!! Happy Birthday Darren!!