Wednesday, January 16, 2013

His own bed

Darren sleeping in his OWN bed!

Before we headed to China I set up TWO toddler beds in our bedroom. I wasn't sure where Darren would sleep (or how well for that matter) but I wanted to be prepared to keep him close. It hasn't been that long since Jason has consistently slept ALL night in his own bed. I thought the adoption might make Jason regress or at the very least feel left out.

I remember that first night in China...knowing bedtime can be tough for kids away from home. Not to mention AWAY from EVERYTHING one has always known (and with strange looking and talking people!). I wasn't sure what sort of routine Darren was used to...or if they had a routine? I wasn't sure if Darren wanted me to sleep with him? Or if he wanted his space? We were able to communicate that it was time to sleep AND that he did want mama close.

For the whole time in China Darren and I shared a double bed. He played a MAD game of twister - turning ALL over the bed throughout the night. Occasionally I would escape to Madeline's bed to try and get a little space to myself :)

For the first month home Jason slept in his own room and Darren slept between Erik and I (THANK GOODNESS for our king size bed!). The week after Christmas (one month home) Jason decided he wanted in on the party. When Darren saw that Jason was sleeping in a toddler bed - he wanted to too. 

I *love* having a little more space to myself AND love having both my "little boys" close by :) Darren and I can still hold hands while in our beds as they are only about a foot apart.

Just another step in the dance of attachment and becoming mama and son :)

Blessings, Sandy

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  1. Your blog posts make me smile!!! He looks so content!