Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Home two months

TWO MONTHS ago we arrived home from China!
I can't believe we have already been home for two months.

In many ways it seems like Darren has been our son forever.
He has made an amazingly smooth transition into our family.
Darren is still a mama's boy...and that's okay - 'cause we are still making up for lost time :)

He seems to understand 80% of what we say in English.
He is repeating a TON and speaking LOTS too!
It is really incredible to watch a child pick up a new language so quickly.

I ordered a boy doll for Darren.
Notice the cute Lightning McQueen shirt he is sporting :)

Darren likes to push him around in the doll stroller.
In the picture above he is kissing him. Darren doesn't have a word yet for "I like that" so he either makes the kissing sound or kisses the item (cars, a bath, food, a tv show etc!).

Speaking of baths - Darren LOVES taking baths. 
And we indulge our sweet boy...hey why not - 3 or 4 WARM baths a day after years of quick cold showers.

I wanted to get a doll so that after Darren's surgery I can add a surgery scar to the doll's chest. 

Darren's surgery is in SIX DAYS

Every time I think about his upcoming heart surgery my stomach hurts and my mama heart aches.

I keep reminding myself that this why we adopted him...to give him a chance at life.

His stamina seems to be less these days. He gets winded and breaths heavy after just playing with cars or even eating...we wonder how much longer his heart could hold on...

We are PRAYING that God protects and heals our son 
and we can't wait to give God ALL the glory!

Blessings, Sandy


  1. SO cute - LOVE the doll. Hugs it must be so hard seeing him without energy or stamina - and prayers for you heart and of course his

  2. Where did you find the boy doll? I'd love to get one for our Seth.

    1. A friend bought them for her girls for Christmas. When I saw her post on facebook I knew the doll was just what I was looking for! I was looking for a doll I could add a scar to :( She found it on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/69799999/custom-cloth-doll-you-choose?

  3. I'm an Ann Arbor mom who has been following your journey since you posted a link to your blog in ArborParents, back before you went to China! I'll keep your sweet boy in my prayers next week, and you and the rest of your family too.

  4. God is holding you all in his hands....praying for Darren and a successful, uncomplicated surgery.