Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A video

The last two weeks have been so emotional for me. I am not a crier...but I have shed so many tears. Feelings of being overwhelmed and feelings of sadness for the pain Darren was having to endure just brought me to tears over and over again.

The night before Darren's surgery our wonderful photographer made this video for our family. Darren watched it over and over again. You could just see in his face that he was thinking deep thoughts. I imagined it was something along the lines of "This is MY family...I have a mama and a baba..."

I haven't been able to watch this video again until tonight. Between the deep fear of losing our new son and missing my kids/hubby at home I just knew I would fall apart watching it.

But tonight Darren and I watched "Darren's video". We both feel excited and hopeful about going home tomorrow so this video just brought smiles to our faces, not tears.

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