Thursday, February 7, 2013


The EKG looked great!

The ECHO also looked good....except - it showed that the left branch of Darren's pulmonary artery is narrowed once again. Opening that branch was one of the things they did during the surgery. As of right now it appears to not have worked. We will wait to hear what Dr. Bove and the cardiologist have to might mean a trip to the cath. lab at some point for a balloon or stint or maybe just maybe when the swelling goes down it will be just fine.

EVERYTHING else on the ECHO looked great!

Otherwise Darren is holding steady - he is receiving A LOT of medication, but hasn't had to receive any blood today.

FINALLY fully sweet baby boy

I did have Erik bring me a few pictures of my sweet Darren before surgery. I needed to show our nurses and myself what our baby looks like happy.

Keep those prayers coming for my sick baby, Sandy

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  1. What a little sweetie! Glad it all looked good and we will just pray that artery open!!!! Pray it is swelling that goes away!!